How on earth did I get here??

On a sunny afternoon in June 2016, I dropped my best friend Kelly (and business owner of Approach Training Safely) a text, asking if she had any jobs going, or knew of anything that would be suitable for me.

Now almost 3 years later, I am about to embark on a journey to achieve my dream job of becoming a paramedic!!

I started coming into the office regularly, and attending standardization meetings on a monthly basis.

Some days I would sit and scratch my head, thinking ‘what on earth are they talking about!!’

CAVA’s, AET’s, EFAW, quals, specs, standards, units!!!

‘Jesus this isn’t for me’ I’d think quite often.  However I persevered and slowly but surely things started to sink in and I began to understand what these things meant.

Then all of a sudden I found myself enrolled to begin my CAVA

(Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement)  and that was that, my learning journey with Approach Training Safely had begun.

I worked hard to produce the required standards (see told you I started to know what things meant!!) and sailed through this qualification, finding myself moving swiftly on to my AET (Award in Education and Training), which again, I sailed through (well maybe not all plain sailing!!)

Congratulations and well done to Sarah Kerr on gaining HABC Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement and HABC Level 3 Award in Education and Training. Good luck with the future.

Before I knew it I had 5 learners on my books and I was officially an assessor/trainer.

I loved spending time with my learners, who were studying a number of different qualifications including customer service and business management.

I received such positive feedback from them too, that it made the job all the more rewarding, knowing I was actually making a difference with these people and supporting them on their own learning journey.

I progressed quickly to delivering many different subjects and found that I really enjoyed the first aid courses I delivered as I came into contact with lots of different people, delivering in a diverse range of workplaces from huge manufacturing sites, to private care homes.

In May last year I came across a job advertisement that I was really interested in, so I got in touch as required and found myself on another journey, which at the time I had no idea would lead to where I am now!!

The position was a driving job with the Patient Transport Service, which is taking people to and from hospital appointments or transferring them from one hospital to another as required.

My application was successful and I was invited to a 5-day training programme, unbeknown to me at the time, during these 5 days I would receive my FREC 3 qualification!! (First Response Emergency Care).

I really enjoyed the course (yes if you hadn’t guessed before now, I am a bit of a learning geek!!) and was happy to hear at the end of it that I had passed and received the qualification. What I also didn’t realise was that by passing the course, I had been successful in obtaining the job!!

I did have to ask at the end of the week, if I had been successful as I was expecting there to be an interview process, as this was usually the case for any previous job I have applied for.

Since I passed the course in September, I have had my induction, received my uniform and finally started picking up shifts.

This has been an ambition of mine for almost 30 years and I am now actually doing something I love.

The best part of all of this is that the company I work for do their own in-house training and offer paramedic training, whilst on the job. This is a job I always wanted to do when I was growing up and never did I think at 43 years old I would finally achieve my dream of becoming a paramedic!! I can’t wait to get out on that road with my blues and twos screaming out (oh yeah and being able to legally jump a red light J )

The moral of my story is NEVER GIVE UP!!

Always follow your dreams and you CAN achieve them.

Mine started with a simple text to a friend, yours could too!!

Get on touch with us here at ATS and see if we can help YOU achieve your dream job!!!

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