Why Your Business Should Be Disability Confident

1) How you embrace people with a health condition and disability in your workforce. 

At Approach Training Safely LTD we are a staff team of individuals that predominantly have some form of physical or psychological condition, as a company we offer both emotional and practical support to each and every member of our team, we embrace difference and individuality and we see it as a good and not bad, its these qualities and different abilities that make Approach Training Safely so special, because of the teams personal experience of disability and mental illness we have found that by being open honest and accepting of mental and physical conditions and disabilities people feel safe to be themselves and excel and their strengths and have no fear of saying that there is something that they struggle with weather it be practical or emotional as a company we support our team to access support to enable them to be the best they can be this can be practical support like assisting in accessing services or giving additional time off and allowing all of the team to have flexible working hours with compassion and understanding. In some cases we have made slight physical adaptations where needed and we moved to a building that was more accessible to physical disability. We are an amazing team of individuals but collectively we are brilliant, each and everyone of us shines brightly in our way and we always support and accept each other and never judge because you never know what is going on in someone’s life just because of how they portray on the surface.

A lot of the inspiration for us to became a disability confident employer was to show our commitment to every individual that not all employers shun disability

Both of the directors of this company have both suffered mental and physical illness and disability from both a personal and professional level and alongside running the company they are also both full time carers for terminally ill loved ones so they understand the importance of flexibility and support with a non judgemental attitude.

2)Why you think being recognised as a disability confident employer is important to your organisation.

A lot of people with different abilities often find it hard to approach employers depending upon their condition. By being part of the disability confident programme it outwardly displays and shows someone with a different ability that there are places that openly accept and embrace difference it shows there are places that you can feel safe while you grow your confidence and will allow you to work to your strengths and not focus on your perceived weakness, by

3)Why should other employers embrace people with health conditions and disabilities within their workforce.

Every person has different skills and qualities and no doors should be shut because someone doesn’t meet the classic socially acceptable definition of normal. People with different abilities often think in ways that can be very different to main stream thinking and we can often see tings from different perspectives and we will generally find the simplest way to conduct a task, As a company director this approach has strengthened our team never hindered it we have always found that with the correct support and understanding we have an outstanding team of individuals from all different spectrums but together we are one fabulous collective and we always find the best solution for the situation.

4)Why should other employers support local people in their journey towards developing their  confidence/ability to move into work. i.e. Work Experience placements.

Employers should embrace the skills and knowledge of people with different abilities because people cannot only enrich your business but they can also help enrich your lives, it will give you a clear outlook of how to find a peoples strengths and utilise these abilities, the attitude to disability and mental illness can be changed by people especially employers being tolerant and understanding that people are individual and everyone has something to offer to a team, how boring would life be if everyone was the same. By giving someone with a different ability a work experience placement has so many benefits on both sides, by giving someone that chance when no one else did can increase a persons self esteem and confidence through the roof and can make such a difference to someone’s life and long term future all it takes is that one person to give us that chance

People with different abilities:-

Can Work

Can communicate

Can “fit in”


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